How To Overcome The Painful Renewal Of The Golden Eagle

The incredible story of the golden eagle tells us that this bird can live up to 70 years; However, when he reaches 40 his feathers begin to be so heavy that it is difficult to fly, his beak is so stooped that they get hurt and his nails are so long that he can no longer hold his prey. It is just at that moment that they must make a difficult decision: go through a 150-day process of painful renewal , or die. What would you decide? Most may prefer to die … and not just to end the cycle of life, but an emotional and motivational death, which is even worse.

There are two key words in the history of the eagle: decision and process. If it decides to go through the painful process of renewal, it has to isolate itself on top of a mountain and hit its beak against the rocks until it falls completely, then wait for it to grow, pluck its nails one by one and with the new ones he must remove all his wings so that new ones are born. Finally, renewed, the eagle can live 30 more years.

When we know it is time to change and improve to continue, and understand that it is a complicated and painful process that has to go through, most people may begin to surrender, because they will be afraid of how complicated it will be and why. the pain they will experience, something that is not very encouraging for many; however, it is not impossible. If the process of the eagle we apply in our life, it would be like the following.

1. Realize the need to improve our lives

To start a life transformation, we must first desire it and look for what motivates you to be better. Remember that wanting to change is not something that everyone wants, there are people who are satisfied with what they have and what they are, although this does not mean they are happy. For that reason, to desire that change is essential to begin it.

2. Locate those situations or emotions that we want to change

To generate a real change, this must be internal, which is why it is necessary to identify those negative emotions that do not allow us to move forward-fear, anger, shyness, resentment-and those situations that bind us or stagnate -don’t forgive someone, end a relationship, death of a loved one, disappointments, etc.-, after doing so, it is easier to know what we want to transform.

3. It’s time to act

After identifying what we want to change, we must act to solve it. Sometimes it will not be easy to do it alone, so you can rely on professional help, friends and family.

4. Begin to let go

Like the eagle, it is necessary to let go, to tear away everything that does not allow us to fly; drop bad habits, bad feelings, bad stories. When we reach this point, we will have visible situations that do not let us flow, so it will be easier to eliminate them.

5. Transform your life completely

After the previous steps, it is time to change what you have already decided to let go of everything you have always wanted and that makes you well in life. In other words, we must first empty our being of what hurts us so that we can fill it with the positive we deserve, and thus, live fully and not just “survive”, as we did before.

As we mentioned at the beginning, changing lives is a whole process, it has ups and downs and it can take time, but it guarantees a result. Renewing your life requires strength and decision, you must be aware that it will not be easy, there will be moments of weakness, weakness, but when this happens, go back to step one and continue your flight.